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The ‘ring of love’ and living with integrity

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He was in pain and was constantly moving his engagement ring on his finger. He was my college friend and I noticed him doing it for five consecutive times. I asked him what the matter with him was. He told me that the ring which his fiancée gave him was small for his size and he was feeling uncomfortable while wearing it. I laughed and told him that the solution was simple: take the ring off and the pain would vanish.

He said he could not do it because he promised his fiancée that he would always wear the “token of love” from her. I was surprised to hear this because even though his fiancée was not there to watch him, his true affection and sincere love bound him to wear the ring all the time without any complaint.

In a similar scenario, living a life of utmost integrity, honesty and with all the noble values is the best way to model the leadership qualities needed within an organization. This act will mould effective employees in return.

Remember, your true character is not what you are in front of other people. It is actually what you are when you are alone. Similarly, your true values are not what you are preaching in front of your subordinates. It is actually what you are teaching and passing on to them and make them a valuable part of the organization. It is not the tangible things you give your subordinates that matter most, but rather, what you inculcate in them to live by during their lifetime.

So, if you genuinely believe in living a life full of ethical and moral values, and practice these values in your personal, professional and social life, then it’s living a life with integrity without any worry whether someone is watching or not, although instinctively, you know “someone” is surely watching you all the time.

Handy Hints
• Don’t do just enough at work but do more with noble values
• Do good deeds not to be praised or to get anything in return
• You can teach the young not only with words but by example

Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers
The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company