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Appreciate and value the job in hand

Appreciate and value the job in handImage Credit: Supplied

Being passionate about the work you do helps you position yourself for success by being innovative and creative. But in real life, not everyone has a job that excites and motivates them. Many people end up with jobs that either just pay the bills or simply don't fit their ambition and interests anymore.

If you're in this situation, you may dream of a career change. And you probably also know that this career change is unlikely because it comes at huge costs that you may not be able to afford. So, what you should do is to learn how to appreciate and value the job that you have in hand, because resentment only will worsen the situation.

This paradox can be tough to navigate, but trying to look at the glass half full may help. So here are a few tips to get you started.

Focus on the positive

A comfortable job that is stable and pays the bills may be falling short in terms of providing a challenge or personal gratification. But don't underestimate the value that comes from having financial stability, predictability and job security. All of these positive aspects also can help you find time to volunteer in activities that you are passionate about or even take slow, steady steps into learning about a new career.

So instead of resenting your current situation, see how you make the best out of it. In the process, you will still be sure to have this good job in hand. Your change of mindset also can help you find joyful aspects of your job that were overlooked in the midst of your focus on what you were missing out.

Get help

In many cases, your job description has been shaped by how it was done in the past. If you're aware of ways that can help you feel more involved and engaged in your job, seek help from your supervisors to do so. Although making a statement about your job being unsatisfactory is never advised, state clearly how these changes can meet your aspirations of a more challenging opportunity.

Have solid thoughts and ideas, however. Going to a supervisor with a negative attitude and looking for magical solutions won't help and can backfire if you're seen as unhappy and ready to walk out of the door. If you're willing to invest the time and effort to make your job work for you, go with clear suggestions and ideas.

Clear the noise

Many people feel negative about their jobs because of others' perceptions, office politics or problems that are not related to the job in itself. If you're unhappy to the extent of thinking about changing jobs, you must separate real issues from the rest. Career decisions should not be based on temporary problems or individual perceptions. Make sure that you talk with other industry professionals, coworkers whom you trust or even informed family member to check your facts.

In addition, avoid the spiral of negative thoughts. For many people who suffer through office problems, once an issue arises, it tends to grow because of all the politics and negative energy that is centred around it.

When you simply focus on the facts, you may be able to find ways either to improve your current situation or learn what you would like to avoid in your next gig. Those who stay stuck into the details of problems that are too specific to their current situation may lose sight of the big picture.

Passion beyond the job

Sometimes all we are looking for is something that is new and motivating. If your job duties don't offer this, look for it in other areas related to your employer's activities. For example, you may join others in organising events, planning volunteer activities, or even initiating an activity that agree with your passions and ambition — be it in sports, writing, campaigning, etc.

When your employer turns to be the facilitator of these activities, your perception of the job might change. Your overall work day begins to involve something that you look forward to. And while that won't change the core of your job responsibilities, it may offer you a reprieve as you enjoy this aspect of your day.

Finding joy in a job

- Focus on the positive aspects

- Think of facts beyond gossip and details

- Develop enjoyable activities

- Seek help from supervisors

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Source: Rania Oteify, Special to gulfnews.comGN

The writer, a former Gulf News Business Features Editor, is a Seattle-based editor