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Are you tuned in to the right frequency?

Are you tuned in to the right frequency?Image Credit: Supplied

I have pre-set my preferred radio stations on my car stereo. Recently, after having my car serviced, I found out that the settings have been altered; hence, I was unable to access the stations I liked. I wanted to listen to a talk show, but was unable to connect since the frequency did not match.

It was then that I realised the importance of tuning in to the right frequency in all walks of life, including our careers.

How many of us really understand the frequency at which our organisation works? Have we ever paid the required attention to understand the wavelength of our teammates? If we have not done so, we face the huge risk of being out of sync with the overall plan of the organisation.

As an individual, we have a particular wavelength. It is very important that this matches with that of our organisation. Various factors, including distractions, stress, job pressures and many others, will try to distort it, but it is in our own best interest to rise above these and move forward.

Regular introspection, coupled with clear thinking and maximising our productivity, will go a long way in engaging effectively with our superiors and co-workers. We should ensure that we do not deviate from the goals that have been set for us.

For an organisation to grow, it is essential that each member moves in the right direction. That will only happen when there is unity in thought and action. Each one of us must constantly analyse whether we are in the right frequency with the company.

Just like how the right frequency on the car stereo will give us good music, flexibility, adaptability and performing our tasks well in line with company objectives will also bring harmony to our workplace, leading to career enrichment and growth.

Handy Hints:

• Use goal alignment to communicate career expectations

• Training initiatives help increase employee output, retention

• A fully-engaged company workforce encourages teamwork

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Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Senior Manager, Publilink