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Attitude defines you at the workplace

Attitude defines you at the workplaceImage Credit: Supplied

A professional attitude might be one of the most defining factors about people at the workplace. Business schools worldwide urge graduates to demonstrate a professional attitude by being positive, fair and non-judgmental, communicating in a sincere manner, willingly accepting constructive feedback, and maintaining composure under pressure.

The way you act at work has a number of long-reaching effects. It will determine the quality of work relationships, affect productivity levels and make or break your overall success, including having an impact on factors such as potential pay raises and promotions.

At some point, everyone has encountered co-workers who display poor or unprofessional attitudes. They mope about assignments, gossip about co-workers, complain about the boss, and show up late or leave early on a regular basis.

But even if you dislike your job, displaying a professional attitude is important because it shows your employer, other staff and clients that you take your job seriously. A professional attitude would entail being cordial and friendly to your co-workers, respectful to your supervisors, and helpful and professional towards customers. When conflicts with co-workers or customers arise, you should stay calm and try to help solve problems with an understanding and non-judgmental attitude.

There are, however, extremely difficult moments when one loses their cool and appears unprofessional or stressed, especially if they dislike their jobs or are dealing with excess stress from other sources.

The most important point is to try to refrain from letting these moments from affecting your overall attitude and quality of work. Consulting a qualified mental health provider or an employee assistance program counsellor might help you get back on track, and help you regain a more positive, professional attitude.

Handy Hints:

* The way you act at work has a long-reaching career impact

* Be positive, fair, courteous and communicate in a sincere manner

* Try to maintain composure even if you are under pressure

Source: Debasree Banerjee, Special to Jobs & Careers,

The writer is Corporate Communications Manager, Blue Ocean Academy - Dubai