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Be in different league by chasing perfection

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There are many ways to complete official tasks and there is a perfect way to do it. For those of us who want to make a distinct mark in the place we work, it is important to pursue perfection.

Even though perfection is a highly relative term, trust me when I state that it matters. I have always believed in attending to the smallest of detail, not because I always have the time for that, but mainly because I am trained to believe that it makes a major difference.

Pursuing perfection is not an easy task. It needs dedication and focus, and it leads to progress. There are many doubters who deter us from doing so by stating that nothing is perfect. What they fail to realize is that the pursuit of perfection is a step to doing things in the best possible manner.

When we go after perfection, we are raising our own bar and working towards excellence. Excellence is a by-product of perfection and it is much above the average work that we see people around us do.

For an individual to pursue perfection, the first step is self-belief. When an individual believes in himself, has the required focus and is willing to work towards his goal, it is easy to get closer to perfection. An assignment that is executed in a perfect manner saves a lot of time, energy and resources in the long run. The modern enterprises available today have the facilities that encourage us to work well and inculcate in us the habit of work excellence.

When we chase perfection, we send out the message that we are not content with the way things are being done and this propels us to a better league.

If you want to leave a mark in the corporate world, it is important to pursue perfection. That alone will tip the balance in your favor.


Handy Hints

• Being organized at work improves your attention to detail

• Finish one project after another, giving each your full attention

• Long and short-term lists can help you plan things in advance


Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Senior Manager, Publilink