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Bouncing back after every obstacle

Bouncing back after every obstacleImage Credit: Supplied

There is an interesting story about a father who took his son to a toy shop to allow him to choose the gift or toy that he would like to receive.

There, the son found a statue of a man made out of colourful balloons. He looked at the ''balloon man'' for a minute, drew back his fist and hit it as hard as he could. The balloon man fell back and hit the floor, rocked backwards and forwards, and stood upright after a few seconds. The confused boy backed off, looked at the balloon man and hit it again. It fell back once more and hit the floor, but was soon standing upright again.

The father saw the entire scene and asked, ''Why do you think he comes bouncing back up after you hit him and knocked him down?'' The boy thought for a minute and said, ''I don't know, father. I guess it is because he is standing up on the inside.''

What an interesting life lesson! As long as we continue standing ''from the inside'' with our values, beliefs and faith intact coupled with our incessant efforts to bounce back after every adversity that comes our way, no one can defeat us. Each time others push us down through demotion, job loss, salary slash or workplace conflicts is a chance for us to learn from it, move on, grow in wisdom and be mature in perspective.

Remember, water cannot sink a boat if it does not get inside of it. Similarly, all the negativities and challenges that surround you cannot confound you if you do not allow these to seep inside you. So, rise above your existing circumstances with an indefatigable spirit; ''stand from the inside'' with a firm conviction and a positive self-belief.

The people who have the mindset of incisive success are remembered in history as innovators, experimenters and challengers. They are the ones who pick themselves up after every failure or mistake.

If you are knocked down, be ready to stand up and challenge the odds to reach the culmination of success.

Handy Hints:

• Resilient people do not let unfavourable events define them

• Utilise every difficult challenge to improve yourself and grow

• Rise above your existing circumstances by thinking positive

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company