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Change your mindset to improve and grow

Change your mindset to improve and growImage Credit: Supplied

Generally, we attain a set of mental standards or personal guidelines or expectations from our surroundings and the people we interact with, and these may or may not determine our fate.

Each of us carries certain benchmarks related to our professional and personal lives, and whatever success we have attained so far is a reflection of these. However, to achieve further progress, one needs to challenge these benchmarks from time to time.

I was recently concerned about my son’s grades in school and I opted to discuss this matter with his class supervisor. He told me that my son was capable of getting straight A’s, but he did not take the extra effort to do so. So, I needed to challenge his existing mindset to see positive changes in his performance. Amazingly, he began to score high marks after developing the right mindset.

You may have noticed some individuals who have a baseline level of happiness: spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially. Anything that goes below or beyond that level makes them uncomfortable. They find comfort in what is familiar and what is always there.

This should not be the case if you want improvement and growth, especially in your professional life. Examine your current mindset, and turn around possible blocks. Commit to this change and figure out a plan to succeed.

We all know that there are absolutely no limits to what we can achieve. So, we must be insatiable and strive to learn new things and reach new heights.

Welcome new tasks and embrace the challenges that come with them. Update your skills by enrolling in advancement courses or courses related to your field. These are some of the ways that ensure success.

Handy Hints:

• Make plans that are conservative but will last a lifetime

• Learn from experience and turn visions into realistic goals

• Find the best information and resource person in your field

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company