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Come a little closer to have better control

Sincerity and empathyImage Credit: Supplied

I was trying to change the channels using the TV remote control which was not responding at all. Then I tapped on it a couple of times but the result was still the same. I then realized that the battery cells of the remote control were nearly dead so I had to get closer to the TV to be able to change channels.

On a related note, a cousin once shared his challenges in raising his children. He knew he was trying hard to get them adapted to disciplined habits, however, nothing seemed to be working, and he was feeling a sea of difference between himself and his kids. Other families and professionals share a similar story and suffer in their relationships – at home and/or at work. They want to let the other person know what they feel, but, like a weak remote control signal, the messages do not get passed on effectively to the concerned.

Have you been able to distill some interesting life lesson here which is very practical and can be applied to personal and professional relationships? Imagine if all people can sincerely express how they feel to others, then we can exert some influence and achieve our objectives even if we are not physically present all the time. 

Lacking traits like sincerity and empathy is like having a weak battery cell so one’s influence is minimal irrespective of the title one carries, whether one is a manager, an employee, lawyer, husband, wife, child, sibling, friend. But unlike a TV remote, one’s eventual success or failure in relationships may have less to do with one’s physical proximity to others.

The best thing one can do is to develop sincerity and empathy with a sincere heart so you get closer to people and are able to understand their needs. Being considerate and emphathetic towards others’ respective situations can enhance your circle of influence, whether you are looking to grow in your career, or desire to improve your personal relationships.

Handy Hints
• People sometimes have difficulty effectively communicating
• One’s success in relationships has less to do with proximity
• Sincerity and empathy are essential to have more influence






Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers
The writer is a Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company