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Create your own luck to be successful

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Most of us look at successful people and think that they all made it because of luck. We fail to understand that most of them made it to the top on account of hard work and dedication.

Luck might have played a role in some instances, but not all the time. There are also instances when the role of luck would have been very limited. I remember one super achiever saying that he was not really lucky, but he “created luck” by doing the right thing at the right time.

Most top performers do not believe that their success is due to influences beyond them. Rather, they believe it is a result of concentrated efforts. All of us have the power to harness luck and achieve success. The question is: how many of us actually strive towards that?

We have a whole range of excuses that come in the way of our growth. We may know the strategies that will catapult us towards success, but we do not put in the required effort that will help us put the strategies into practice. We are so caught up in the mindset of luck that we do not make the effort to create luck that will help us reach our full potential. We believe more in the power of luck than in our own inherent strengths.

There are times when all we do is hope and pray that things will change instead of taking the required steps to change things that hinder our professional and personal growth. When we do what has to be done, we move towards progress and, in the process, we begin to feel luck smiling on us.

Since we do not have time to waste, it is better that we start the process of self-upliftment that will remove our chains of doubts now and finally be successful.

Handy Hints
• We must believe more in our inherent strengths rather than luck
• One’s success is a result of concentrated efforts and passion
• The process of self-upliftment removes chains of doubts in us



Source: C Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers
The writer is Senior Manager, Publilink