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Discipline necessary to succeed in life

Discipline necessary to succeed in lifeImage Credit: Supplied

There are hundreds and thousands of vehicles currently running on the road, and hundreds more are pouring in continuously on a daily basis. How is it possible for vehicles of such a huge volume to move smoothly on the road? Imagine for just one day if all traffic signals malfunction, then what might be the scenario on the roads? Surely they would be severely jampacked, and no one would be able to even move an inch on the road under such a situation!

The above is just a simple example of how much such a ''disciplined traffic system'' plays a significant role in our lives. This system includes other elements, and its purpose is to ensure the safety of people on the road, and that of pedestrians. If this ''disciplined system,'' in totality, does not exist, then driving will be very dangerous indeed.

Unfortunately, even when people agree over the necessity of such a traffic system for their own safety, and efficiency on the road, they may not be equally convinced and believe in the necessity of a similar ''disciplined system'' in their own lives.

Such persons, while on the road, do not dare to jump the red light for fear of being caught by the speed camera; whereas in real life, they may not actually bother about certain ethical and moral values. They might show a lot of care about vehicle maintenance and upkeep, but take little care with the maintenance of their own physical being. They will not dare put low grade petrol into their expensive vehicle tank but they allow useless and even negative thoughts to pollute their mind. These are the types of persons who are actually stuck somewhere in all the domains of their life but are living under the illusion that they are actually progressing.

Remember you need a discipline system in life which should establish inner rules, and a guidance system that will keep your life safe, and provide you with maximum effectiveness on all fronts – both personal and professional. Discipline will help you focus so you achieve your goals.

Handy Hints:

• People need to establish a discipline system in their own life

• Some may be disciplined in one area of life but not in others

• Being disciplined will help you focus so you achieve your goals

Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company