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Discover and bring out the genius in you

Discover and bring out the genius in youImage Credit: Supplied

If you break up the word ''genius,'' it will come out as ''GENi-In-Us.'' You may be familiar with the names of geniuses in their respective fields such as business, science, literature, arts, sports, the media and architecture.

Imagine the idea of a genius personality swapping roles with another. For example, Michael Jordan playing tennis, Madonna into painting or James Cameron into science. Would they be able to perform well in a new field? Without practice, commitment and, most importantly, inherent talent, a genius in one field will just be an ordinary person in another.

It is no surprise that the people who created history by virtue of their magnificent achievements actually have that little talent gene which is put to good use because they are placed in the right environment. These individuals have continuously honed their skills, eventually becoming experts in their fields through dedication and hard work.

All of us have something precious hidden within us, but this will only be unleashed if given the right environment, support and motivation. Thus, if you feel that you are performing at a mediocre level in your current workplace, chances are you are stuck in the wrong profession.

Pursue your different areas of interest until you find your true calling. Once you have discovered what it is that you like doing that brings you joy and fulfillment, never leave that road. It will surely pave the way to greatness.

It is worth remembering that talent and environment are not enough. You have to burn the midnight oil for your dreams to materialise. They say genius is 99 per cent perspiration and only one per cent inspiration.

What unique talents do you possess? Are you in the right environment to bring out the genius in you?

Handy Hints:

• The very essence of a person’s success is having a vision

• Practise, hard work and commitment all lead to greatness

• Pursue your various interests until you find your true calling

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company