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Do you use your time in the right manner?

Do you use your time in the right manner?Image Credit: Supplied

For quite some time, I have been planning to write a book. In fact, I started the process a few years back, but have not made the required progress. I hide myself under the excuse that I am hard pressed for time. But am I really hard pressed? Definitely not.

I recently realised that I am not using the time at my disposal in the right manner. I found out that most of it is being spent on unproductive things. Right from the moment I wake up until I go to bed, I fritter this precious resource away on tasks that have no real consequence on shaping me as a professional. I also realised that this is the factor that is proving to be the obstacle for me to reach my goals.

The effective utilisation of time will not only make one productive but will also leave one happy. When we spend it on the right things, we become more efficient and we begin to discover more of ourselves. We are also able to choose the right tools that will help us reach our goals in an effective manner.

When we use time productively, we create the right actions and the right impact because we are able to focus on the essential things.

It also helps if we are able to distinguish the tasks that are important and those that are urgent. Most of the time, urgent tasks may not be that important at all, but they end up taking a major portion of our valuable time.

To use time wisely, we should have a clear idea of what we want to accomplish within a given time frame. If we approach a certain task without any clear idea on how we are going to execute it, we waste a lot of time in the process. When we know what we are going to do and how to do it, we not only use time in the right manner but also get the results we want.

Handy Hints:

• Use time wisely to know more about yourself and your passion

• Spend time to make new discoveries and improve your skills

• Plan your goals, set targets and work on achieving all of them

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Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Senior Manager, Publilink