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Does job longevity affect marketability?

Does job longevity affect marketability?Image Credit: Supplied

To stay or not to stay? This is the question many UAE expatriate workers face during or at the end of their employment contract as, unlike in other countries, many employees here rely on company sponsorship.

Moving to a new organisation can be the easiest route to a salary increment. An individual can expect an increase of around 20% to 25% as an external hire compared to the rate given during promotion. However, moving jobs every year or less can jeopardise one's long-term career plan, but there are always two sides to a coin.

Staying within the same company for a long time allows the employee to be perceived as loyal and committed. It will increase the probability of a salary increase at a rate based on the company's salary structure. The company may also provide opportunities for career growth, personal development, and training and exposure to other functions in the business.

However, a qualified but older applicant who has been stagnant in the same position for years may find it difficult to look for a new job. Being in the same position for a long time limits one's marketability to a certain industry or function, and exposure to new systems, processes and work culture. Future employers may also question one's adaptability to new situations.

No doubt, the most important factors are the candidate's actual experience, skills and qualifications, but his previous pattern of employment plays a part in creating the right impression. Many good organisations in the UAE still value loyalty and longevity from an employee; having a ''jumpy'' CV with lots of short-term positions will not reflect that. Make sure you are moving for the right reasons. Discuss your CV with a knowledgeable recruitment consultant who can help present your career in the best light.

Handy Hints:

• Being a loyal employee builds a reputation of dependability

• Your industry-specific skills will be valuable in any company

• Seniority comes with positive influence on others' direction

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Source: Florendo Padilla, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Shared Services Recruiter, Cobalt