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Enhancing workday productivity

Enhancing workday productivityImage Credit: Supplied

As professionals, we are expected to make optimum use of our time and get things done within the stipulated deadline. Unfortunately, some of us fail to manage it in the right manner, leading to lower productivity levels. But there are certain techniques that can be adopted to maximise one's time in the workplace.

The first step is planning. Every day, quickly check your email and review your to-do list. Utilise the first few minutes of your working hours to plan the different tasks for the day.

The next step is to prioritise the various tasks at hand. It is essential to identify those that are important and require urgent attention, and assign a time frame to complete them. A checklist will act as a guide and help you in the process. Once the most important tasks are addressed, you can move to other jobs. However, strive to finish all tasks before you leave the office.

Always allot a little time for contingency tasks that come unannounced. This also leads us to the next point which is the ability to decline assignments that do not come under your purview. Most of us like to take additional responsibilities since we believe these would help in our career growth. Unfortunately, when we are hard-pressed for time, it makes no sense to add to our responsibilities.

While opportunities should be grabbed, they should never become a liability that will hinder the tasks that we are committed to complete. Every day, there are quite a good number of tasks that are routine in nature. Identify and implement ways that will aid you in getting these routine jobs completed faster. Take short breaks in between tasks. This will help clear your mind and provide a fresh approach to the next task.

Above all, concentrate on the tasks that you are doing. Avoid distractions and disruptions to have more quality time at your disposal. Switch off mobile phones, if possible, until the most important assignment is completed.

Handy Hints:

• Weed out social media distractions throughout your day

• Take short breaks in between tasks to recharge your mind

• Create a to-do list to give you a visualisation of task progress

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Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Senior Manager, Publilink