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Find out how to break through the illusion of success

The objective of achieving success is to live life with integrity and balanceImage Credit: Supplied

It was a very hot summer day. I was on the road that stretched hundreds of kilometers. From afar, I could see a pool of water reflection on the road, but when I almost reached the point where I saw it, the reflection moved in the same proportion far ahead.

You might have experienced the same phenomenon. It is called a mirage. It appears on the road or in the desert during hot sunny days. And it bears some strange resemblance to our lives.

Just recall the days when you were still in school. Your big dream was to get admitted to one of the known colleges or universities in your city. As soon as you succeeded in getting admission, your desire changed to getting a good job after college. When you achieved it, reality dawned on you. For you, real achievement or success lies in getting an awesome career title and an admirable status in society. Once you have attained all those goals, your definition of success changes yet again as you begin to divert your attention towards your grown-up kids. You start focusing on providing them with good education to secure their future.

The illusion of success keeps drifting in and out of our lives. The nearer we are to it, the farther it seems to become. The whole objective of achieving success, either in our professional or personal life, is to do it one step at a time, minus selfish and unethical motives, and to think about others by sharing our ideas, skills and talents with them.

Instead of gathering materialistic gains, try to do meaningful things, and strive to do everything with integrity and balance. Utilize your energy for the betterment of yourself and for the society at large through the right means.

Handy Hints

* Be specific with your goals and work towards them every day

* Do not just wait for things to happen; take action to succeed

* Re-examine your goals and ideas; make sure they are doable

Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company