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Find out how to develop the power of conviction

Find out how to develop the power of convictionImage Credit: Supplied

My friend Shanika is a person with strong convictions. During the recent World Cup when all the people in our group supported Team I, she supported Team A.

Despite being the lone Team A supporter and being subjected to frequent taunts by the others in the group, she did not waver. She stood firm in her decision. Ultimately, it was the team that she supported who emerged victorious. Her convictions helped her overcome the jibes and emerge triumphantly even when the odds against her were high.

Conviction is a belief borne of self-confidence. A good leader combines his convictions with the overall objectives of the organization to help him overcome obstacles that stand in the way of his organization's progress.

Having convictions need not necessarily mean that one is right. It clearly establishes that one believes in the cause for which one stands and fights for.

In the changing corporate dynamics, it is essential for an individual to have convictions that will help him understand where he or she stands. When we act with conviction, it becomes easier for us to influence people and strengthen relationships.

The convictions of a leader make it easier for the team members to stand behind him. These also help the person to take planned, calculated and deliberate actions that lead to success.

Conviction has tremendous power. It influences the way we act. It aids in keeping our eyes firmly fixed on the goals that we want to reach. It motivates us to push obstacles out of our path. It guides our behavior.

An individual without convictions will find it difficult to get things done the way he wants. To move up the corporate ladder, it is essential to have strong convictions.

Handy Hints:

• Conviction influences one's behavior, motives and actions

• It helps one influence people and strengthen relationships

• It aids individuals in achieving their ultimate career objectives

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Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

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