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Find out how quick response time leads to success

Find out how quick response time leads to successImage Credit: Supplied

In the corporate world, the difference between a growing career and a stagnant one boils down to a simple factor – responsiveness. How quickly one responds to the demands of the customers is crucial in today's times when everyone is fighting for a share of the market.

As we all know, just like how essential it is to respond in a dynamic manner to the numerous windows of opportunity that show up from time to time in our personal life, in our professional life, it is as important as well to respond to the market demands in a proactive manner.

Every day, I approach varied vendors with diverse demands. And in all probability, I give my order to the one who responds immediately. Most of our business associates have varied options and it goes without saying that we prefer to deal with those who do not waste our time.

Timely reaction creates a positive image which will go a long way in strengthening business relationships. It also provides a competitive edge to the organization. As the market dynamics changes, employers prefer people who have the agility and speed to meet the ever-changing market conditions.

We may have the best of products or services, but if we do not deliver them to those who want them at the required time, there is no point in having them.

Many clients attribute late response to lack of attentiveness. It also conveys the fact that the organization does not have its systems in place. When we shrug our lethargy and move away from our distractions, we take the necessary step towards prompt response.

In today's competitive corporate world, moving at the speed of light ensures that we remain ahead of the others. We ensure that we are ready to move up and elevate ourselves. In the process, we transform ourselves from mediocre employees to star performers.

Handy Hints:

• Proactively look for ways to drive your professional success

• Always take the initiative to find ways to address any issues

• Persevere and take that extra step to respond to a demand

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Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

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