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Find out why professionals do not make excuses

Find out why professionals do not make excusesImage Credit: Supplied

It is a common tendency for underperformers to make excuses in order to get away from problems. They always like to portray themselves as victims and try to get this established by playing the blame game and pushing the responsibility away from them.

Making excuses is one of the major things that they do since they believe that it takes the responsibility out of them. Unfortunately, they do not realize that they are portraying themselves as losers. When things are not going the way they should, they try to take shelter behind vague excuses.

It is important to remember that organizations are not looking for people who work this way. Today, most organizations want doers, not people who are ready to quit when things do not move the way they are supposed to. Organizations are looking for solution providers, not excuse makers.

An underperformer makes several explanations not only to cover his back, but also to pass the blame on to others who are in the team.

In the changing market dynamics, it is important to approach our official responsibilities in a proactive manner. Underperformers allow things to take their own course instead of making things happen the way they want. If something goes wrong, they then try to find alibis for the way things have turned out.

Coming up with several illogical reasons is a sign of weakness. It clearly shows that the person is not prepared to handle things in the right manner. It also reflects the unprofessional work approach of the individual.

If a person wants to rise above the mediocre level of competence and be a winner, one of the essential things to do is change his attitude and stop making excuses. Remember, winners make things happen while losers are just contented with excuses.

Handy Hints:

• Good performers do not take shelter from vague excuses

• They know how to take responsibility for their behavior, actions

• They seek solutions and try to come up with sustainable results

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Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

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