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Follow the recipe for success in totality

Follow the recipe for success in totalityImage Credit: Supplied

One day, I remarked to my wife, “The food is tasteless!” She was surprised to hear this as she had prepared the meal with care. And then she realized that she actually forgot to put one simple ingredient – salt! See how the absence of just one simple ingredient spoiled the taste of the food and made her efforts seem useless in the end? This happens after food preparation if the recipe is not followed. 

The same can be said of doctor prescriptions that must be followed in which there is certain combination of medicines along with specific timings during which they have to be taken. If you take the prescribed medicine correctly, except for one, what do you think will happen? Not following your doctor’s prescription can mean prolonged illness. 

Imagine being a law abiding citizen for many years, and then you get bored with your routine and simply decide do something different like ignoring traffic signals. What will happen? The city police will immediately catch you and give you heavy fines without giving you any credit for being law abiding for so many years. We have been told that we all need to be disciplined, and that there is no “off day” in being so. 

If you are really interested in attaining genuine success, then it requires a similar pattern of including all the ‘success recipe ingredients’ in totality, along with the consistent discipline to follow it completely. Some of these known success ingredients are professional integrity, sincerity, continuous learning, goal orientation, and a ‘never say die’ attitude. Remember, everything counts as the absence of a single essential ingredient can make all your efforts to attain success futile. 

So instead of wasting time today, if you have not yet attained your objectives, look into your success recipe to verify what ingredient/s are missing right now, and then go for it! 

Handy Hints: 

* The omission of an ingredient in a recipe can ruin the outcome 

* Like cooking, you need to follow a success recipe to succeed  

* If unsuccessful, check if any ingredient is missing and try again 

Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers 

The writer is a Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company