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Get tips on the art of tolerance and acceptance

Get tips on the art of tolerance and acceptanceImage Credit: Supplied

There was this story about an unhappy young man who told his old master that he had a very sad life and majority of the people in his life did not bring anything to him but misery. He requested his master for guidance and solution on what he was supposed to do with his situation.

The master instructed the young man to take a handful of salt, put it in a glass of water and then taste it. The young man said it tasted awful. Then he instructed the young man to take another handful of salt, pour it over a nearby lake and taste the water. This time, the young man said there was no awful taste in the water.

Our professional and personal life situations are not much different from the story. We surely have come across various situations wherein our office colleague or family member has put a handful of hatred on us through bad behavior. If your absorptive capacity is very limited, then you take each and every instance to heart, affecting you physically and mentally in the process. This also affects your productivity.

However, if you accept all negative events and remarks by others as nothing more than a handful of salt and expand your absorptive capacity by simply forgiving others, then your response will be totally different. You will continue being productive and efficient. Remember, forgiveness not revenge is the only means to expand your absorptive capacity.

You should always carry with you a symbolic handful of sugar and keep pouring it on people's mental glass and jar by virtue of good facilitative behavior and positive mental attitude. The people around you will surely get the taste of it one day.

So, the next time you experience pain wrought on you by others, enlarge your sense of acceptance via forgiveness. Stop being a glass. Just become like a pond to dissolve all the pain.

Handy Hints:

• Deal with challenges with an open mind instead of hatred

• Learn to tolerate and understand other people's behavior

• Increase your sense of acceptance; develop positive attitude

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Motivational Speaker and Life Coach