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Get tips on establishing rapport with others

Get tips on establishing rapport with othersImage Credit: Supplied

Whether you are going to a job interview, negotiating a business deal, working with team members or meeting a client for the first time, establishing rapport will make a big difference.

What is rapport? It is a feeling of real connection, understanding and familiarity. It is a bonding process that makes mutually beneficial outcomes much more likely. It is as if you are on the same wavelength with another person.

Rapport occurs in all good relationships and it can be achieved by developing emotional intelligence (EQ), cultural intelligence (CQ), understanding communication styles and a host of other important skills. But there is a way to jumpstart rapport.

When you have rapport with another person, you experience certain effects that lead you to act in concert with another emotionally, mentally and physically. You tend to speak and move in similar ways. By carefully matching your movements, posture, speech cadence, tone and expressions to another, you can build rapport from the outside in and then build upon this.

This is one of the ''secrets of persuasion,'' but it is important to understand that if you do not work on building authentic rapport or building a relationship that is really based on mutual understanding, you will damage the relationship and your trustworthiness.

So how do you get on the same wavelength with someone else? By matching and mirroring. Mirroring is doing something that someone else does at the same time. Matching is making a similar movement later on in a conversation. You can match and mirror how fast someone speaks, their pauses and tone. You can match or mirror their breathing, posture, eye contact, gestures and facial expressions.

These subtle exercises trigger inner changes within both of you that help develop true rapport and a sense of really working together.

Handy Hints:

• Take care to match and mirror other people not mimic them

• Reach a mutual understanding as persuading does not work

• Having good rapport with others means easy communication

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Source: Oksana Tashakova, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Personal Branding Expert, Wealth Dynamics Unlimited