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Get tips on how to recognize problems as opportunities

Get tips on how to recognize problems as opportunitiesImage Credit: Supplied

A situation becomes a problem only when it is seen as a problem. Problems are part and parcel of every career. It is a common fact that in most workplaces, there are numerous situations that cause stress.

If there are no problems, then our position in the organization is not a significant one. The difference between a star employee and an ordinary employee is based on how one approaches the numerous problems that form an integral part of one's career.

One of the most inspiring advices I have ever received regarding problems is to see them as opportunities. While problems cause various difficulties, when viewed as opportunities, they provide us with a guideline on how they can be tackled from a different perspective in the future.

One of the main advantages problems provide is the opportunity to establish one's credentials. When we tackle the problem head on and come out with a viable solution, it sends the message to the other team members that we are capable of handling things in a positive and proactive manner.

The other advantage is that problems provide us with crucial experiences that can be applied to diverse situations. It opens our minds and teaches us how to tackle the different obstacles that come in the way of getting things done. When we tackle these obstacles, we often realize that things were not as problematic as we thought them to be. This enhances our self-confidence with the result that we make ourselves open to the numerous other issues that need attention.

It is important not to let problems affect your productivity and make you incompetent. Only self-belief can help you in that.

As for me, I believe there are no problems without solutions and that keeps me going.

Handy Hints:

• Good leaders seek the help of their team to devise solutions

• They know how to overcome problems, improve in the process

• Problems present an opportunity for one to become creative

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Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

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