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A glimpse on time which is melting like an ice block

A glimpse on time which is melting like an ice blockImage Credit: Supplied

I remember an old man in my native town who sold ice blocks placed on a small wooden board. People did not have refrigerators that time, so there was always a crowd who would buy those blocks of ice. I saw him trying his best to sell the item as quickly as he could especially during the intense summer season. You know why? Because that was his only source of living, and every minute, it was melting away.

I believe that if you were in the same situation, you might not have done anything differently. The ''melting ice'' story can be applied to our own life.

We are given a limited time in this world, and it is up to us to put this time into productive use before it runs out. Every second is like a droplet of melted ice. The scenario requires us to act urgently, and to put all the priorities in every domain of our life ahead before the last piece of ice melts away.

The best use of time is to ensure productivity in every moment. In your professional life, take each moment as an opportunity to learn something new, or to deliver something of value to your colleagues, customers and your company in general. If you are a housewife, the call to plan your day with the most productive of activities is in your hands.

If we do not consciously plan our goals and the activities that lead to those goals, chances are, we will fall into the trap of unconsciously wasting time over useless talk, meaningless conversations and mindless television programs.

Remember, it is not possible to bring back what has melted. Similarly, it is not possible to turn back time. Watch out for your ''melting block of ice.'' Choose relevant and significant activities that allow you to learn and grow.

Handy Hints:

• Stop wasting time by choosing to make a difference in society

• Life has its drawbacks but every second must be lived in full

• Enrich life by taking each opportunity to learn something new

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company