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Is this the guaranteed path to success?

Is this the guaranteed path to success?Image Credit: Supplied

In the search of success, there are always three pathways ahead. Among these three pathways, only one will lead you to success. Can you guess which path it is?

The first path is where people only think and do not take any tangible action. They daydream about the things they desire. They plan, but if something new sparks their interest, they change their plan. The process never ends. In this path, fear haunts and paralyzes them to the point that they do not want to act on their plan. In the end, they look back and wish they have done things differently. They are the ones with the many ''what ifs'' and ''I should haves.'' Do not follow this path.

The second path is where people instantly take action without proper planning. If they learn of someone who is successful in a particular business, they jump into it without conducting any research. They risk their life savings and regret everything in the end. They will certainly learn from the experience, but in a hard way. Do not follow this path.

The third path ensures success. People who follow this path thoroughly plan, model successful strategies, learn from them and implement them. They gradually raise the bar for themselves and take calculated risks without putting both feet into the water. They practice the consistent loop of thinking-acting-learning which opens many possibilities and brings them to new heights. Follow this path.

It is just like driving. A person who goes through formal training and constantly practices on the road will eventually improve his skill through experience. On the other hand, a person who only thinks about driving but does not take action will obviously never be able to learn how to drive.

So, in every professional endeavor, identify your goal, plan and prepare yourself thoroughly then take small but consistent actions to learn and enhance your skills so you reach the ultimate height in your career. Remember, in the pursuit of excellence, you only race against yourself.

Handy Hints:

• Build on your natural strengths and take calculated risks

• Multiply your efforts in areas you already have a headstart

• Never procrastinate and learn to prioritize career objectives

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company