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Have a disruptive thinking to perform better

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Jai works for an advertising agency, and he happens to be a friend of mine. Whenever I meet him, I find him engrossed in reading magazines that have no connection with his profession. He feels this habit helps to disrupt his normal thought process and enables him to approach the problems thrown at him from a different perspective. This results in enhanced output and increased productivity.

Most of us, however, get stuck with a routine way of doing things. We take shelter in the safe approach and do not want to tamper with anything that is different. The result is we do not move forward in a dynamic manner.

It has been said that the best way to getter better results is to disrupt the status quo. When we start looking closely at things that we believe are working well, we spot opportunities for improvement. We identify the scope for improvement when we approach an issue from a perspective that we have not been using. No wonder many organizations encourage their employees to think outside the box.

Disruptive thinking is about creating a disturbance in the thought process which, though difficult to begin with, will become a habit in the long run. Disruptive thinking helps to provide solutions that are out of the ordinary and totally unexpected. It is a mindset that works on a broader canvas.

It is important to remember the scope to reinvent the wheel is always there. What is needed is the extra effort that will make it possible, and that will happen only when we step out of our state of complacency. The question is: how many of us are ready to rock the boat to get better results? Remember, this will only help us with better outcomes and greater advantages. And perhaps now is the right time to push the boundaries of our thoughts.

Handy Hints
• Disruptive thinking entails a disturbance in the thought process
• Sometimes we get better results by disrupting the status quo
• This is the reason why people need to think outside the box

Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers
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