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How to attract success like a magnet

How to attract success like a magnetImage Credit: Supplied

Magnetism is one of the main forces in the universe that binds galaxies together. The Earth itself is a big magnet which has its own gravitational pull.

Magnets are present in everyday things. And it is not a surprise that around each magnet is an ''invisible magnetic field of attraction.'' For instance, when a nail comes in contact with a magnetic field, it is instantly drawn towards it. The nail has no choice and cannot ignore it.

Like a magnet, our body is also a field of electromagnetic activity. It has trillions of cells that generate magnetic energy. If our values, mission and objectives are always congruent with one another or are in perfect harmony, then we are bent on attracting great opportunities and success in every endeavor.

Most people do not attain what they want because they spend most of their time doing the opposite. One part of their brain wants something; the other part is subconsciously countering the real intention. For example, most professionals have that one wish to move up the career ladder, but only a few do so because majority does not have the courage to leave their comfort zones to be able to diversify their interests and polish their skills. Doing things that are contrary to what you are planning or thinking cancels the power for wishes or dreams to come into fruition.

The things that you have in mind are what you are drawing towards you. You are what you think consciously and subconsciously. You attract what you keep in your deepest thoughts. The forces of your past experiences and beliefs orchestrate the circumstances of your life today. Whatever negative that happened in the past will manifest in the present and the future unless something is done to change the way you think.

Start living your life in congruence with your desired values, beliefs and ethics. Think and act positive in order to gain the same. Transform yourself into a human magnet that only attracts success and happiness.

Handy Hints:

• Have a clear point of view of what you really want in life

• People attract the things that they think about all the time

• Don't live your life by default; make plans and execute them

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company