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How to be a problem solver in your organization

How to be a problem solver in your organizationImage Credit: Supplied

Recently, I visited the office of a very successful businessman friend. While there, I observed an interesting bold-letter statement posted on the wall behind him saying, ''You have been hired to keep problems away from my table.'' Out of curiosity, I asked him about the purpose of having such a statement in his office, the message he was trying to convey and for whom.

He smiled and narrated that the message was for all the employees who work under him. He said that generally, professionals have the tendency to highlight issues which, in most instances, are known to many within the organization. They do not focus on the solution part as they assume it is someone else's responsibility to solve them.

He wanted to pass a clear message to all the team members – that they are the ''problem solvers'' in the company. If they want to bring up any issues for discussion with their managers, they must equally suggest relevant solutions to address those issues. He said this helped him a lot as the CEO of the company. Empowering his employees allowed them to think of better solutions, and instilled in them a sense of responsibility.

We are actually problem solvers. If there are no problems at work, there is also no need for us to be hired. Having problems is a blessing. Once you start proving your capacity to solve easy problems, you will gradually be able to solve difficult problems. Remember, the bigger the scale of problems you successfully deal with, the fancier your job title becomes and the bigger the salary you withdraw.

Your problem-solving ability carries an immense potential to enhance your value in the organization. During job interviews, employers seek to know how much responsibility you can take when it comes to handling problems in the organization.

Starting today, if you come across challenges, say to yourself with conviction that you were hired to solve problems.

Handy Hints:

• Be responsible enough to think better solutions to problems

• During interviews, firms seek people who are problem solvers

• Bring up every issue/problem with an equal relevant solution

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company