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How to enhance your value in the organization

How to enhance your value in the organizationImage Credit: Supplied

I have seen many successful professionals whose schedules are heavily booked throughout the year. They charge exorbitant hourly fees for the time and professional services they offer.

Similarly, whether you are employed in a company or have your own business, every single hour that you perform tasks carries with it a financial value. The amount and quality of work you do must match the hourly rate you are being paid by your employer or by your customers.

If you are paid more than what you currently deliver, there are chances that you will soon be taken out of your job or lose customers. If you discharge your duties and professional obligations just enough – equivalent to your hourly rate – then you will remain with the organization or maintain the same set of customers until the time comes when there are no other better options. And if you are doing less than what you are paid, then you are in the red zone and will likely be soon out of the company or out of business. However, if you are currently doing more than what you are paid, you will definitely get promoted or expand your business.

This is due to the universe’s law of equilibrium, which states that everything tends to restore its balance.

If you tilt the balance, wherein your contributions are greater than what you are paid, in a short time you will either get promoted in your existing organization or the job market will chase you and you get to name your price. The same law works the other way around.

All the efforts we undertake to improve our knowledge and skills set directly affect our value enhancement and scale of contributions during employment or business engagement.

Thus, keep enhancing your value and deliver quality contributions both in your business and in the organization so that the market moves towards you, chooses you and asks you how much your hourly charge is.

Handy Hints:

• Be a problem solver and create solutions for the organization

• Do more than what is expected of you or what you are paid

• Keep enhancing your skills as an employee or entrepreneur

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Motivational Speaker and Life Coach