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How to keep a positive mindset and become a problem solver

How to keep a positive mindset and become a problem solverImage Credit: Supplied

I always tell employees to have a positive attitude. If you are optimistic, you can solve any problems that might come your way or are presented to you.

I remember an MD of a multinational company who was oozing with positive attitude. After completing his MBA, he joined the corporate world. He faced challenges like getting used to the hustle and bustle of corporate life where everything was process oriented. Though he was unfamiliar with the domain of the business, which was health care, he spent a considerable part of each working day in operating theatres and intensive care units of various hospitals to learn the basics of the health care industry.

He did not want to sit in the office. He preferred to work in sales operation. His positive approach to work gave him excellent exposure to the real world and taught him lessons in running a hospital. He preferred to spend 70 percent of his time talking to customers. He did not spend much time in internal office meetings.

After gaining operational experience, he asked me to help him with a leadership programme. After five years, I inducted him to a top business school in the US. Then we posted him in India, China, Singapore and Dubai. All these gave him an excellent global perspective which proved valuable in his later career as an MD.

His focus was on building teams. The secret of his success was his ability to grow the people working with him. He changed the company's marketing strategy, and the company evolved from being a mere product seller to a health care service provider. As an MD, he did not conduct internal meetings more often. He was often closeted in meetings with external customers to persuade them to adopt his company products. He encouraged his team to organize focus group meetings often.

The mantra of any effective leadership and succession plan is ''as you grow people, you grow the business.''

Handy Hints:

• Keeping a positive mindset allows one to hurdle challenges

• An effective leader knows how to develop staff's full potential

• He listens to employee feedback, finds sustainable solutions

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Source: Dr. Pon Mohaideen Pitchai, Special to Jobs & Careers

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