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How to live with passion and fulfill your dreams

How to live with passion and fulfill your dreamsImage Credit: Supplied

You may have visited cemeteries on some occasions, but have you ever seen a tombstone written with Mr. X born in 1960, died in 1985 and buried in 1995? Most probably not.

But do not be surprised if I tell you that many people in this world are actually living their lives not much different from those who have departed. They have already died within. No dreams and motives, and living in a compromised state with average of everything: average job, average relationships, average knowledge and average level of skills, and so on.

The challenge in a professional organization is not about how many personnel are lacking; it is about the majority of personnel who appear on the payroll but are not truly tuned in to bring the best out of themselves. They are just looking for shortcuts and letting each day pass waiting for their pension when in fact they actually need to passionately prove what they are capable of. Remember, there are instant food recipes, but there is not one recipe for instant success.

The tragedy is that the huge potential that is lost is much more precious than any other total accumulated wealth in this world. There are many individuals who have been given the capacity to bring miraculous inventions, write award-winning literature, or help and support hundreds and thousands of financially-deprived people, but they have opted to remain silent.

If you are different from this lot, prove it. It can only be done by making positive contributions and creating better things for your own growth and for the betterment of other people's lives. Start from where you are and what you have in your hands, and show everyone that you can do greater things. Remember, it's not over until it's over.

Handy Hints:

• Make things better for yourself, for other people and society

• Bring out the best in you instead of just letting each day pass

• Remember to work hard as there is no instant success recipe

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Motivational Speaker and Life Coach