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How to turn challenges into opportunities

How to turn challenges into opportunitiesImage Credit: Supplied

It was about summer of 1980 when a young man, Terry Fox, began the Marathon of Hope and started running halfway across Canada. He ran 26 miles per day for over 143 days. He did a total of 3,339 miles as he tried to raise awareness and money for cancer research. He was no different from other runners with the same goal, but what was inspiring about him was that he had cancer and only one leg. He ran with a prosthetic leg on the other, but was forced to stop when cancer spread to his lungs and he eventually died.

Although the Marathon of Hope was suspended, it left a strong legacy, and seeds of hope trickled to those who were going through similar challenges in their lives.

Sometimes things happen for a reason. These events trigger individuals to pursue and positively take them to certain heights. Some people are struck with personal tragedies which, in turn, divert them towards a bigger cause and a better mission.

Remember to look at experiences and challenges as opportunities for personal growth. You may be currently facing a difficult situation with your superiors within the workplace or you might have lost your job. At any given situation, you can either tag it as a personal misery and slip into the victim zone, or you may accept it and liberate yourself by learning how to deal with difficult people and start searching for new job opportunities, thus adopting the mindset of a victor.

In life, we are all running a long marathon which is not distance specific, but individual time-specific. There is no stopping in the middle whether we face hardships or comfort along the way.

Transform your life into a ''marathon of hope.'' Inspire and leave a legacy for others to follow. Control your initial response to challenges in your career so they turn into opportunities.

Handy Hints:

• Control your initial response to difficulties with optimism

• Look at hardships in the workplace as learning opportunities

• Liberate yourself by searching new opportunities for growth

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company