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How to uncover your brand of charisma

How to uncover your brand of charismaImage Credit: Supplied

Some people just seem to know how to charm others, don't they? Just sell to people, convince others and get people on board. Although some are naturally ''charismatic'' and compelling, each of us has our own unique brand of charisma.

Charisma is based on knowing what your natural talents are and maximising your unique strengths and characteristics. Charisma means utilising what you were born with for the best outcome.

Anyone can learn to be more charismatic, especially when they embrace who they really are.

You can be the most cantankerous and committed researcher and that's what a potential employer wants and needs. You can be the best people person and engager and that is what your potential employer now needs. You need to win a job based on who you really are in order to really do the best job.

You can learn how to turn any of your weaknesses into your advantages. You can learn how to build upon your strengths, your personal foibles so that you are just the person employers want.

No matter the pressure to put on your resume all of the top-desired talents and skills, employers want people that will fit into the company culture and appeal to them personally.

No one is the perfect representation of all of the top skills in your field. But your personality, experience and interests just might make you the perfect fit for the perfect company for you.

What's your charisma factor? What makes you unique and appealing? What do you suppress and what should you highlight to find the career that will be most successful, satisfying and impactful for you and your potential employer?

Handy Hints:

• Think about how you are different and not the same as others

• Identify how your weaknesses can be clues to your strengths

• Learn what draws people to you because of who you really are

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Source: Oksana Tashakova, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Personal Branding Expert, Wealth Dynamics Unlimited