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An insight on personal power which is key to career success

An insight on personal power which is key to career successImage Credit: Supplied

Do you think listing titles and positions will impress enough to launch the next stage of your career? Then you might want to learn more about personal power.

There are two types of personal power: expert power and referent power. These are the most effective forms of power and influence. You do not lose these powers when you lose your position or change jobs because they are intrinsic forms of power. They do not depend upon your job, your title, or the authority and powers bestowed upon you. These are forms of social power. It is what other people say about you, much more than what you say about yourself, that will land you the job.

Expert power is not just about knowing your job or being proficient at it. For you to have expert power, others must understand that you have knowledge and believe in your expertise. You can have expertise without confidence or without good communication, but then you are not very influential. You can have a position or title without expertise and have little impact because of it. You must demonstrate expertise in order to gain trust and respect from others.

Referent power is the most powerful source of influence. It is also known as interpersonal power. It is the influence you have because of the strength of your relationships with others. How others feel about you affects how likely they are to agree with you, to be loyal to you and to give you great references. Referent power depends greatly upon communication skills and authenticity: walking the talk.

Power and influence are not about having power over people but having power through people. Your impressive title and impressive sales number have less impact than what others say about you in that role, and how you did what you did.

Handy Hints:

• Expert power and referent power are types of personal power

• Expert power is about having people believing in your skills

• Referent power depends on communication and authenticity

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Source: Oksana Tashakova, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Personal Branding Expert, Wealth Dynamics Unlimited