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Invest in hard work first to be successful

Invest in hard work first to be successfulImage Credit: Supplied

A call from one of my childhood friends came out of the blue. I was in a meeting. Later, he jokingly remarked how lucky I was sitting inside an air-conditioned office whereas he works in the field doing fabrication work under the hot sun.

I reminded him that back in school, while he was enjoying play outside all the time with the others, I was confined at home most of the time working on my academic assignments. I also told him that during those times, I felt the same envy he was feeling at present. He laughed and acknowledged that it was all true.

We must be aware that we are all given a choice to 'pay the price first' and enjoy the rewards later, or to enjoy first and pay the price later. I used to be made fun of for being a bookworm. I was not very happy with my situation back then, but today I am deeply thankful to my mother for the strict discipline she implemented to ensure that my focus remained on my studies.

To pay the price earlier means that you have to discipline yourself against all the temptations of life, and to put every bit of hard work and concentrated focus locked on to your target like a heat-seeking missile. Achievements in life cannot be earned through wishful thinking; rather, by dint of hard work and major sacrifices made along the way, that is why some rewards for these efforts come today.

Most people want instant gratification and pleasure without caring about the end result, unconsciously opting to pay the price later. They look for shortcuts to success without a desire to put in an equivalent amount of commitment and hard work. We all know that if success comes at all in this situation, it may be brief, or there will be some form of regret later.

The saying ''As you sow, so you reap'' is well-known not without reason. Remember the true recipe for success, and apply it now.

Handy Hints:

• People can choose between working hard or enjoying life first

• We must put in effort, focus and commitment into our goals

• Shortcuts to success give instant but short-lived gratification

Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company