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It is important to reach an agreement

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While working on a presentation recently, I realised that my point of view was diagonally opposite to one of my other team members. Though I believed that my approach was right and there was no need to compromise, in the larger interest of the team, I decided to reach an agreement. This was mainly because I felt that the decisions that we make require a substantial consideration and can have a larger impact on everyone and everything.

With an open mind, we look at problems and develop an approach that is acceptable to all. Differences in opinion and disagreements are part and parcel of every team. The important thing is to rise above these differences and reach a consensus that will help move things forward without compromising on the organisational goals.

Many people think that when we agree to reach a consensus, we are ready to compromise or we lose face. It is not the case. Conflict resolution means that we place the interest of the organisation above our interest. We are not bending ourselves; rather, we are adapting to what will bring in the desired results.

Reaching an agreement is about sharing the responsibility and empowering all parties involved. It is the first step in finding an effective solution. It goes without saying that consensus lays the platform for a respectful dialogue between professionals. It is a step that helps team members work with each other not against each other. This is only possible when there is openness and trust.

When we reach an agreement, we put ourselves in a win-win situation. We reach a point when the course of action is acceptable to all. This results in a greater commitment leading to success.

Handy Hints
• Good negotiators know how to compromise for good of all
• Effective conflict managers are able to perceive positive results
• Most win-win situations are products of agreeable solutions

Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers
The writer is Senior Manager, Publilink