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Job satisfaction and work-life balance

Job satisfaction and work-life balanceImage Credit: Supplied

A particular research reveals that a successful career and a life outside work influence job choices. When it comes to success, work-life balance tops salary, recognition and autonomy.

For senior executives, it is not always about the money. It is the desire to strike a work-life balance. They like to see the sunshine and enjoy the stars, too.

Budding professionals define success in a variety of ways, customising their own approaches and balancing personal demands with their desire to succeed. Companies that can facilitate employees to steer both their professional and personal lives in the right direction are likely to see well-built employee engagement and enjoy the benefits as they retain high performers.

One CEO who worked with big multinational companies moved to a philanthropic network. His previous compensation was three times his current one. He said that his new job allows him to combine his passion for community service with his investment skills and experiences.

An alumnus from a technology institute in India was offered a CFO position in a multinational company in Dubai, but refused despite being offered four times his current salary. He said, “I have been wonderfully blessed in terms of family, opportunities, education and financial resources. If people like me do not contribute to my country, who will?”

Research shows that employees who do not have time for personal life feel drained and distracted at work. People should take control of their career and manage their social hours. Some executives spend long hours at work because they love what they do. Long hours are not necessarily taxing to them as they keep their priorities.

I encourage everyone to put parameters between work and life. If your job is challenging and demands a much greater scale than building a billion-dollar company, then go for it.


Handy Hints

• Life balance and happiness can be planned and achieved

• Time management is a crucial aspect of work-life balance

• Technology is meant to make life easier, not more stressed



Source: Dr. Pon Mohaideen Pitchai, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Dubai-based HR and Management Consultant