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Learn how to turn your career into a labor of love

Learn how to turn your career into a labor of loveImage Credit: Supplied

All of us are blessed with unique potential. However, if you are not aware of its existence, you will not be able to bring about any change in your life. Even if you discover that you possess an amazing potential to do miraculous things, this knowledge alone cannot change anything unless you continuously refine that ability and bring it to the market to sell. Only then can you become successful.

You are capable of doing each and every thing that any other human being has done in this world. It is not the circumstances but the choices that put people under constraints. The ordinary and the great among us are not bound by the barrier of age. Age does not dictate what we know and how well we do in life. Determination, the right attitude and passion make anyone successful.

There are times when you think that it is too late to pursue your dreams. If you listen to others, you can be easily influenced by them, saying you are too old to start a business, be a writer, or come up with the next great invention. People do not know you. If you wait to get their permission to pursue your passion, you will definitely miss several golden opportunities.

If you currently feel anxious about going to work every day, chances are, something is wrong. Listen to that little voice in your head. If it is giving you clues that you are in the wrong job, or pursuing the wrong career path, do something about it. You will never know what incredible opportunities are waiting for you in the next corner. When you let your interests, instincts and passion lead the way, you will be surprised at the interesting twists and turns your life may take.

Your career, or your life in general, is going to be filled with mistakes and failures. Do not let these stop you from achieving your goals. Pursue something that you know you will never regret. Find your niche and build a career out of it. As they say, if you start doing what you love, you do not have to work at all. It becomes your ''labor of love.''

Handy Hints:

• Listen to your instincts and open your mind to new experiences

• Do not let other people dictate and influence your decisions

• Recognize your interests and try to base your career on them

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company