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LinkedIn reveals top 5 buzzwords in UAE

LinkedIn reveals top 5 buzzwords in UAEImage Credit: Supplied

LinkedIn revealed that ''organisation'', ''motivated'' and ''dynamic'', are the top three most-commonly used buzzwords among professionals in the UAE.

LinkedIn scoured members' profiles to uncover which words and phrases are most overused.

The networking service believes that use of these buzzwords could actively harm members' prospects for career and economic opportunity, and make it hard for the profiles to stand out.

The list shows businesses and brands that by using buzzwords, they are failing to differentiate themselves from their competitors and peers, and this could be working against their talent and customer acquisition efforts.

More than two million member profiles from the UAE were studied in 2015 to identify the buzzwords among the nation's professionals.

''Curating a LinkedIn profile should receive as much attention to detail and quality as creating one's professional résumé. Buzzwords actually make our member profiles stand out for their lack of creativity and their uniformity,'' said Nada Enan, Senior Manager Marketing and PR, LinkedIn Mena.

She said that LinkedIn has consciously created the opportunities for its members to demonstrate their creativity, passion or successes by uploading images, documents, and links so that the profile is made richer and brought to life.

''Instead of saying you're ‘creative', why not show people by including presentations, design work and projects you take pride in? Remember, you've only got five to ten seconds to impress,'' she said.

Members who are active in groups get ''15x more profile views'' than members who don't take part.

''We hope that our members in the UAE take this opportunity to set their professional profiles in order in 2016,'' she said.

Top 5 LinkedIn buzzwords in the UAE

1. Organisation

2. Motivated

3. Dynamic

4. Leadership

5. Track record

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