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Make your voice heard in the workplace

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If others are taking credit for all your professional ideas leading you to feel undervalued and unappreciated, it is time for you to get your voice heard, powerfully. Sometimes, in order to get noticed for doing the right things, it is important to speak up. Shying away from raising uncomfortable questions or keeping your frustrations to yourself might simply put you in a sticky situation at the workplace.

This, of course, holds true for companies which encourage their employees to add value by voicing their opinions, not for those who prefer to get the work done quietly and cheaply. In the UAE, there is a clear paradigm shift, in the styles of management, at least. Employers are looking for proactive employees, ones that can take the lead and make a difference.

Management pundits advocate that it may not be politically smart to remain silent when your valuable insight as an employee can help save a project or steer it towards the right direction. Sitting mum in meetings, and not having the courage to question conventional wisdom might be a spoiler.

Debunking old notions of official diplomacy, professional companies are looking for employees who can speak their mind. A smart, insightful, creative person is what a good company is paying you to be. A good employer wants to hear what you think and watches for signs of it in a job interview.

However, time is precious in today’s world. Remaining sincere to the intent of your purpose, and communicating in a simple and crisp manner is likely to send the right message to the audience. Respecting your own time and that of your seniors is also priority. So set the agenda before a meeting, rehearse before you speak and wait for your turn. The conviction of your beliefs will be reflected in your statement and that will hold your audience.

Handy Hints
• Professional companies look for proactive people who can lead
• Your insights as an employee can help move work forward
• Always have the courage to challenge conventional wisdom

Source: Debasree Banerjee, Special to Jobs & Careers
The writer is Corporate Communications Manager, Blue Ocean Academy, Dubai