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Manage your energy to boost productivity

Manage your energy to boost productivityImage Credit: Supplied

Most people strive to make the optimum use of time at their disposal in their day-to-day activities, perfecting the art of time management.

Unfortunately, we do not give the same importance to managing our energy levels. Work pressures do not allow us to pay close attention to the demands of our body and mind. This often results in stress leading to lower productivity and less-than-optimum performance.

Unless our mind and body work in tandem, our work output suffers. A tired body and a stressed mind sap out energy, making us always feel like living on the edge, like a volcano ready to explode. To prevent this from happening, it is important to manage our energy levels for more effective and efficient results.

A conscious effort is required to regulate our habits both within and outside the workplace. Most of us, due to paucity of time, spend long hours at our workstations. To complete the jobs that are on hand, we either skip meals or survive on ready-to-eat fare. We also have certain habits that are detrimental to our health. Unfortunately, all these drain our energy.

If we feel overwhelmed with work, we should learn to prioritise the tasks that are urgent and important. This way, we will have enough time to eat at proper hours and keep our emotions in check. The right amount of sleep, proper diet and adequate excercise lead to a relaxed frame of mind and provide us with a renewed burst of energy that allows us to do more than we expect.

Learn to develop the habit of managing your energy levels. This will improve your engagement in the workplace which translates to higher productivity. This will also allow you to engage in productive things like sports and exercise, and spend quality time with your family, resulting in a healthy work-life balance.

Handy Hints:

• Give your brain some time to cool off by engaging in a hobby

• Spend time with family and friends and make them a priority

• Turn off business side of things; give yourself some downtime

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Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

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