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Mind the traffic lights in your life

Mind the traffic lights in your lifeImage Credit: Supplied

On some days while I am driving, I observe that I get all the red lights on majority of the traffic signals on the roads that I have crossed. On other days, it is different; I get almost every single green light all the way.

Maybe you have noticed the same phenomenon, too. But have you ever thought of leaving home and travelling only when all the lights have turned green? Absolutely not! Why? Because it is not possible to predict what you will get.

Then why do a majority of people fail to start their journey towards achieving their career goals? Why are they stuck in a ''wishful thinking'' state and only take action when they get the assurance that all the green signals are on the way?

There are many world-class business plans and job progression opportunities in the minds of millions of people which will never materialise. This is because they keep on waiting for the green light before they commence their journey. It will never happen.

Just like being on the road where we get our share of red and green lights, similarly, we have to mentally accept the fact that the red lights in our life are not ''stop'' signs. They are guidelines for us to choose a better route or strategy the next time we fail or make mistakes.

Rather than keep worrying about the different possibilities which may or may not happen, we should work out a detailed, well-thought-out plan. Once it is finalised, we must take action.

Life is constantly on the move. We cannot afford to step on the brakes while the light is green. There is also no question of stopping in the middle of the road. We must keep moving irrespective of the temporary defects or setbacks that we might face on the way.

Watch out. Your traffic signal is blinking green in this life’s journey.

Handy Hints:

• The best way to map out a career plan and take action is now

• Attend seminars, enrol in a course to improve your skills set

• Failures are reminders for people to carry on with their goals

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company