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The path to success requires resilience

The path to success requires resilienceImage Credit: Supplied
A lot of people going to a gym usually go for the treadmill where stationary running can become a very hard aerobic exercise depending on the speed, level of incline and distance one goes for. At the end of one treadmill running session, I saw that I had run around five kilometers, which was accurate. However, since I was on a treadmill, there was also the fact that I had not moved an inch away from my position on the machine.
Have you realized from this example that sometimes we do the same thing in life? Sometimes we feel that we are headed somewhere in life but are actually stagnant. We feel like we are progressing, though we are not. This may be due to the reason that our chosen process and measuring indicators might be totally misleading.
To break the inertia, we need to establish clarity in our life goals and then select a matching process to bring the desired outcome. If it does not work, then the best thing is to change the process. And if the second process does not work, then come up with a new one; keep revising until you achieve the desired results. Remember, we are only changing the process or the path to reach our set destination.
So if you are currently striving hard to improve aspects of your life like relationships and career goals, then focus on the selected compatible process with intermittent measurements done on the way to your desired outcome. If it does not seem to be working, then try a bit of change here and there until you come closer to your objective.
One way to success requires seeking out workable ‘process examples’ in our surroundings, that is, from individuals already successful in a similar domain. You may be 100% successful or less so even after modeling your path on theirs, but your own resilience will definitely yield results.
Our motto of success should be that anything we had tried to achieve and failed at is actually a failure in our method, and not of ourselves... so keep on trying.
Handy Hints:
* Reevaluate the process when you notice inertia in your life
* Know that the mere act of doing something may not be enough
Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers
The writer is a Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company