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Real progress entails emotional control

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It was really a display of bad temperament on my part when I heard that during my absence, my son had damaged an expensive newly-purchased mobile phone. That was actually a true test of patience and forgiveness, and I, unfortunately, flunked badly in it. It was a bit unusual on my part, but I gave my entire family a bit of a difficult time that day. When I regained my emotional control, I realized how much damage I had caused to my family’s morale, and distorted my precious relationships within a few minutes when they took ages to build.

The worst part was that my outburst of emotions and show of temperament did not help me rectify anything fractionally related to the challenge. Remember, when we misbehave and say something impulsive and irrational, then our words own us. I realized that if I had kept my anger in check, I would have thought rationally, and then there would be much better ways to deal with such a situation.

Have you realized the importance of how much responsibility we carry to control our emotions and to show genuine ‘role model’ behavior as a parent, and in every other role in life, whether as a manager, subordinate, colleague, etc., because it is not just our words which matter the most in the end, but rather our deeds? So if we are seriously interested to carry on and be a longer lasting influence in our circle of relationships, then we must behave with balanced emotional control all the time.

If you come across a similar situation which may disturb you badly in the personal or professional context, and it gives you an intense rush of blood to the head, wait a minute and detach yourself from the situation for a while to recapture some emotional control first.

Remember that the emotional behavioral pattern which you are going to display right now in front of your kids, subordinates or colleagues and in relationships will most likely be repeated when they take your place and position in life. Now is the time to take better control of your emotions before they control you!

Handy Hints
• Emotional outbursts can cause serious damage to relationships
• Be mindful of what you say and how you behave when upset
• Exercise patience; detach yourself momentarily to regain control

Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers
The writer is a Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company