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Release yourself from mental brakes

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Many years back, with what was my initial experience of driving a car, I observed that while driving, although I was pushing the car accelerator to drive faster, it was not responding properly and the car was literally dragging along as it moved. I turned my car towards my friend’s home; this guy was a motor mechanic, and I thought it best to seek help from him.

My friend started laughing hysterically after listening to my story – about how difficult it was for me to drive my car with such a drag. I told him this as he was taking a look at the wheels from where smoke was emitting. I was furious, yet he was in a mood to joke! Seeing how irritated I was, he then told me that the problem was not the car; it was me. I had been driving the whole way with the car hand brake on. So the constant friction of the brake pads with the front acceleration of the car had resulted in a slow speed irrespective of the efforts I was putting to drive it fast.

I learned my first important life lesson that day – that no one can ever really drive his or her life with its intended highest acceleration if one’s “mental brakes” are pressed simultaneously. These mentaι brakes are one’s own conscious fear of failure and limiting self-beliefs, etc.

It was an interesting experience, especially when I observed that so many people around are currently not ‘driving’ their life in the same way. They want to go ahead with faster speed and are eager to achieve everything in life. Yet they hang on to what they now have, not bothering to release their mentaι brakes. So it causes them the same friction on their journey towards success.

The best approach to release self-imposed mentaι brakes or constraints on your own potential and abilities is to pick up the courage and determination to confront your fears with faith, self-belief and confidence. Once done, you will surely feel a life of independence and abundance. So, are you ready to release those limiting mental brakes right now?

Handy Hints
• Mental brakes refer to a person’s conscious fear of failure
• Some can’t move forward because of self-limiting thoughts
• Believe in yourself; confront your fears with faith, confidence






Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers
The writer is a Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company