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Review motivational gaps to be successful

Review motivational gaps to be successfulImage Credit: Supplied

The gap or variance between one's actual persona and one's image portrayed to the world is known as the 'motivational gap.' To make this easy to understand, if an up and coming cricket player carries with him an assumption that he has skills on par with the legendary Sachin Tendulkar, don't you think he is heading towards a disaster where everyone has a chance to watch him play awfully?

Personality traits can make or break a person regardless of factors influencing him. Overestimating oneself will lead to endangering the results of one's personal goals or professional objectives.

Some individuals fail to do any honest introspection which is supposed to help unravel strengths and the scope for improvement assessed from one's attributes influencing behavior. If efficiently exercised, without a doubt, one can anticipate more advantageous results.

Individuals need to draw an action plan by balancing their strengths with the need for improvement in some areas. Behavior identified as strengths need to be worked upon to maximize those traits, while items under the scope for improvement need to be approached with action plans to overcome or nullify such detriments.

The action plan needs to be developed as a sound framework with all relevant ingredients identified and assigned autonomous power. Individuals must design a dynamic goal sheet with diligent factors driving it to action. Action plans need to be made efficient by defining process owners, measures or metrics, the review mechanism and review frequency.

If the developed action plans are deployed and reviewed consistently, one can be more vocal in claiming the successful results of this exercise.

Handy Hints:

• Overestimation of the self prevents growth in individuals

• Honest introspection helps unravel each person's strengths

• Personal action plans with a review mechanism are important

Source: Raskin Robins, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Business Development Manager, Global Composites, RAK