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Strength of character will take you far in life

Conquering FearImage Credit: Supplied

It was in 1953 when Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first climbers to successfully reach the top of Mount Everest. No one else had done it prior to their magnificent achievement. At that time, climbing Mount Everest was believed as a next-to-impossible high-risk mission because many other climbers lost their lives in the pursuit of the same goal.

Hillary and Norgay travelled to the unknown zone knowing the numerous risk factors associated with it. Interestingly, once their goal was achieved, within a few decades, hundreds of climbers from other nations had also successfully climbed Mount Everest. But how?

When Hillary was asked why and how such thing happened, he instantly said, “It is not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves.”

Actually, all the other climbers first conquered Mount Everest in their own minds and surpassed the challenge way beyond their limiting beliefs. They consistently worked towards their goal with conviction and followed the template of success from their predecessors, which made it possible for all of them to achieve such a success.

In our professional life, there is no such challenge akin to conquering Mount Everest. We can rest in the fact that the type of success we are currently achieving or intend to achieve has already been accomplished by thousands. Their stories are like templates of success which are in abundance and scattered all around. Our job is to refer to these “templates” and replicate the pattern.

However, you must first conquer all your fears to achieve all your goals in mind, creating a belief that everything is possible. I assure you that you can make unbelievable things happen as constraints are usually not found outside but within you.

Handy Hints
• One has capacity to surpass challenges beyond limiting beliefs
• Use others’ successful stories as a motivation to reach goals
• Work towards your career objectives with conviction and faith

Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers
The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company