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Stretching experience and success

Stretching experience and successImage Credit: Supplied

We rarely hear stories of anyone beginning his job as a dispatch clerk and growing to become a CEO. Recently, however, I had the good fortune of meeting a CEO who started his career as a mailroom boy. He said that it took him over 35 years to get to his current position. He attended evening classes to complete his BBA while working at the mailroom. ''I have to thank my boss who triggered my enthusiasm in the finance department. When I completed my BBA, they appointed me as an accounts assistant,'' he said.

He became the vice-president of the same family-owned business group dealing in paper, cement, construction and electromechanical products. He had contributed to the increased turnover and the 330% market performance appreciation that pushed the share price higher. He became a trusted lieutenant to the owner. He added, ''The advantage of working in the same group is that I did not have to make any personal adjustments as the work culture has remained the same in all group companies. And I always considered myself an entrepreneur, rather than just a company employee.''

He is also a self-confessed workaholic. He dedicates his success to their employees, and takes pride in the company's low attrition rate – less than 5% annually.

Believe it or not, during weekends, he engages in social work. He visits a major hospital belonging to his group. He is very passionate about improving his country's healthcare system. After retirement, he wants to work full-time at hospitals. He has experience in finance, marketing and branding. His life experience is inspiring and aspirational. His ambition, hard work, commitment, innovation, sense of belonging, integrity and respect for values are admirable. His stretching experiences – from dispatching to accounts assistant to accountant, sales manager, and so forth, speak volumes about his leadership development, an example from which present executives can learn.

Handy Hints:

• Success requires commitment, patience and dedication

• Empower yourself at work by thinking like an entrepreneur

• People who succeed in their careers are an inspiration to others

Source: Dr. Pon Mohaideen Pitchai, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Dubai-based HR and Management Consultant