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A strong leader will stand by his team

A strong leader will stand by his teamImage Credit: Supplied

Years back when I started my career, I learned many things from my boss. One of the best things that he taught me was to always stand for my team members. He believed in the policy that when things go wrong, the boss should take responsibility, but when things are good, the team members should get due credit. He did not believe in individual recognition for collective efforts.

Over the years, I have seen many bosses who are more interested in covering for themselves rather than taking care of the people under their supervision. Some people, who by default occupy the leader's chair, pass the buck to the management whenever an issue crops up. ''Management decision'' is an often-repeated phrase that we hear from these so-called leaders. Unfortunately, they do not realise that this will not go a long way in building the morale of the team.

When a leader stands by his team, the team members feel that they are an integral part of the whole process and will strive to make different tasks a success. While a weak leader fosters an atmosphere of distrust, politics and one-upmanship among friends or teammates, a strong leader generates goodwill and enthusiasm. He also conveys the message that he is willing to stick his neck out for his team. He knows that he is dealing with people and not machinery or inventory.

While many people become leaders by default, only a few become leaders based on their strong actions, and it is these people who inspire. They exude confidence and have the ability to stay calm and in control even when the outcome looks uncertain.

In today's corporate world, success is not just about the figures in the balance sheet, it is also about how the employees feel every time they walk in and out of the organisation. It goes without saying that many people like me prefer to work for strong leaders who will make work not a chore.

Handy Hints:

• An effective management skill is the act of listening carefully

• Great leaders turn good ideas quickly into an executed plan

• They're accountable; keeping everyone focused on the goal

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Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Senior Manager, Publilink