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The strong power of positive rethinking

The strong power of positive rethinkingImage Credit: Supplied

Every day, we come across multiple instances where we are advised to think positively. Most people we know stress the importance of how positive thinking can help us achieve our goals, climb mountains and cross oceans.

While it is true that positive thinking is important in all aspects of life and can greatly help us, what is more important is a conscious rethinking of our priorities. Yes, there is an urgent need to have a conscious change in our perspective.

Positive rethinking helps us see things from a more realistic point of view. Rather than just dreaming about what we want to achieve, it helps us critically analyse where we stand and what needs to be done in relation to what we want. Being mindful of reality helps us clearly identify the obstacles that we are bound to face and the appropriate ways of moving forward.

Many times, in our enthusiasm on account of positive thinking, we fail to properly understand the challenges that come in the way of us reaching our goals, which oftentimes leads to disappointments and frustrations.

With positive rethinking, we are able to clearly understand our limitations, and come up with ways and means to reach our goals in a more planned and systematic manner. It also provides us with an active approach to a problem rather than a passive self-imposed positive attitude.

We see many people who are unable to move forward despite their optimism about life. This is mainly because they are adopting a passive positive attitude towards problems rather than performing a strong rethinking on these to be able to come up with the right solutions. This behaviour makes them believe that things will work out fine instead of pushing themselves to take the required effort to reach their goals.

Discard the passivity. It is time for positive rethinking.

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Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

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