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Success is defined by you not by others

Success is defined by you not by othersImage Credit: Supplied

One of my friends, a brilliant creative director, recently got a major break with a leading global organisation. Though the job came with all the perks associated with success, he decided to give it a pass. He felt the job did not guarantee the creative freedom that he has been enjoying in the creative boutique where he is currently working.

For him, success is not about big money, a great job title, or a fancy designation. For him, success is the freedom to do what he wants to do, the guts to question what he is doing and above all, the fulfillment that comes from following his passion.

In the corporate world, most of us believe that success is moving up the corporate ladder at regular intervals and a bulging paycheck. Though these may be some of the indicators of professional success, I believe that true success is adding value to what we do. We have the full liberty to decide on what success means to us and it is our responsibility to work towards that.

When we fail to define what success means to us, we provide others the opportunity to influence us with their own concept of success. Let us not fill our minds with the voices of people around us. When we take the responsibility, we empower ourselves and this leads to our personal growth, satisfaction and progress.

It is important to remember that success is not based on what we accumulate. Rather, it is based on what we accomplish through our actions and hard work. It is also based on the progress that we make in our chosen field of activity, and the self-satisfaction that we get from a job well done.

So, define what success means to you and then work hard towards it with complete focus and without getting lost in the noise of others.

Handy Hints:

• Success matters in terms of one’s satisfaction, happiness

• Your personal progress helps you get the results you expect

• Success is how you envision it and committing to work on it

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Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

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